Embedded Software Integrity for Automotive Summit

Modern day vehicles have become incredibly complex digital devices boasting up to 100 million lines of code in one modern car. The number of complex embedded software involved in creating present day vehicles will only continue to grow as the number of advanced technology and functions, such as autonomous driving, advanced driver assistance programs, vehicle connectivity and vehicle electrification are quickly on the rise.

Automotive OEMs and their key Tier 1 Suppliers are finding that developing safe and secure software is a substantial undertaking due to increasing system complexity. This system complexity can result in delayed development cycles as well as quality and feature sacrifices

Since cars rely on a variety of embedded software for a wide array of functions, improving the quality of embedded software is critical. Loopholes and bugs in software can have unintended consequences, including creating a safety or security risk, and causing a surge in the number of vehicles recalled – with over 63 million vehicles recalled in 2014.

Because future automotive innovations will be realized by embedded software, now is the time for the industry to discuss how to improve the development of embedded software to foster efficiency and high quality. Join us this May in Detroit to discuss how the industry can overcome the overwhelming challenge of creating high quality software that will ensure functional safety and security in today’s high-tech vehicles.

Benefits of Attending:


Opportunity to collaborate with fellow industry thought leaders on best practices in developing software in the most efficient and effective way, while staying compliant and being able to integrate latest functions


Great networking opportunities with leading figures in embedded software development and integration from both OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers


Discussing industry wide challenge of developing robust software that addresses bugs & issues with interoperability due to the increasing number of complex software and systems


Gaining insight as to the Status of ISO26262 implementation across the industry


Learn about the latest techniques and tricks for reducing time, cost, and complexity in the embedded development process


Discussion of topics covering all aspects of embedded systems, real-world case studies, and key technical principles


Understanding of current weaknesses in the software development and testing processes


In depth evaluation of available software solutions enabling your company to develop high quality software that boasts both functional safety, and a cyber security


A focus on technical, regulatory, and strategic embedded software development, integration and testing issues


Intimate learning forum for executives, software developers, engineers, and managers


Highly focused and technical sessions

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